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How to Find Talent

Agt icons preemployment e453221a98b3c3721db0ff39c99be34e5c70f899235acdb8bd100cc8ab8c7e55 It can be surprising to experience how a small change in a job posting or a line of text for resume “must haves” on your website can attract better applications and more targeted resumes. Operationalizing you ideas right away with ready-made resources is the next step. Download our templates and forms and feel free to modify them for your company’s brand and purposes. Imagine having your recruiters, interviewers and managers all on the same page with finding and recognizing talent that works best for you! Inclusive, standardized and fair interviewing can become the norm across any organization; take a look at what our best practice Central Alberta employers have already done to jumpstart your own learning.

The “How to find talent” topics will assist you with tools, tips and strategies to build your organization’s capacity to hire qualified personnel who are the right fit for your needs. Here’s a useful tip: networking among colleagues can bring the right person straight to your door and even provide you with valuable insights to shorten the interview process. Read about this strategy and more in the interview tips section below

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How to recruit for talented employees

Don’t miss out on new talent pools because you don’t know where to look! This tutorial focuses on a variety of ways Central Alberta employers find and recruit talented employees from a variety of demographics.

Interviewing culturally unfamiliar candidates

Looking for specific candidate attitudes can help overcome discomfort with unfamiliarity when interviewing cultures different from your own. Looking for a variety of perspectives rather than focusing first on “fit” can help interviewers focus on the actual skills of the applicants.

Video: Tips for effective interviews

Central Alberta employers share their interview processes and explain how they find talented people from immigrant demographics and other talent pools.

Sub-Topics for "How to Find Talent"

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  1. Receiving Better Resumes
  2. Interviewing Best Practices
  3. Interview Tips for Attracting Talent to Small Companies
  4. Employer Best Practice Interview Examples
  5. Dealing with Interview Bias
  6. Finding the Right Person with the Right Attitude
  7. Resources for Fair and Inclusive Hiring
  8. What Central Alberta Employers do to Find new Hires
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