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How to Integrate Talent

Once you have the right people on the right bus, they need to be all moving to the same destination. Integrating your new employees is the key to making this happen, and it can be more fun than you think! By imagining how you would like to be welcomed, trained and included into a new workplace, you can start the process of what is required for others to do the same. Considering just a few of the needs immigrant employees have for effective onboarding will also improve your orientation and onboarding effectiveness for all other new employees. Integrating your talent with the goal of having engaged, loyal and productive workers will pay off many times over.

The “How to integrate for talent” topics will assist you with tools, tips and strategies to build your organization’s capacity to keep your talented employees. Curious about how Albert employer stars integrate their new employees? Look no further, it’s all here at your fingertips!

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Orientation: Do it with feeling

This tutorial shows how walking through a job from the perspective of a new employee can help plan for effective orientation. Three categories of concern are addressed: 1. Understanding the job requirement 2. Logistics and practicalities and 3. Social and intercultural requirements for success.

Onboarding: What is it? Who does it? How long does it take?

Master the process of welcoming new recruits and focusing on helping them become happy, productive and engaged workers with the helpful answers to these typical onboarding questions.

Video: Must-haves for Orientation and Onboarding

The first days and weeks on the job are critical to employee performance, satisfaction and retention. Central Alberta employers talk about their orientation and onboarding processes and why they work.

Video: Promoting diversity and inclusion at work

A workplace can be diverse but not be inclusive. These employer tips explain how to create an inclusive workplace and how to increase the diversity of your workplace using simple strategies that help people feel they belong, can contribute and are valued.

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